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Where it all started...

My name's Louise Ysabel and I'm a Registered Nurse, a wife to a budding architect/dessert king and mama to two of the most amazing little humans.


I have a deep appreciation for fine art and galleries are my happy place. One day, thanks to an opportunity, I went from canvas to familiar faces, to being trusted by complete strangers on their wedding day. Crazy right!

I made a conscious and personal decision not to go through a beauty course or academy as I wanted to invest my time learning from individual artists. I knew the style and finish I wanted to achieve and this was made possible by following specific industry greats. 

I travelled to the Phillippines to learn from international MUA Albert Kurniawan (Founder of Teviant). I've also attended and am currently enrolled in Cara Clyne's HairBoss University. 

I also spend my time learning from renowned talents like Hung Vanngo and Patrick Ta. 

6 YEARS on and with a side hustle turned main hustle, life has been one beautiful adventure x

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